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You can get a lot of information on the whole of Yorkshire terriers and get our recommendations about growing pet.
Just read about the care, the care and health of dogs. Yet all the more accurate information, comments and recommendations you receive from a professional veterinarian with careful examination of exactly your chosen beloved dog. Since every kid - individually and externally and internally, and the nature and nuances of the internal organs.
But most importantly - you can see and choose your favorite dog yourself!
We have a mini nursery one breed - Yorkshire Terrier. And it gives us the opportunity to grow beautiful, healthy pets, do not mix the blood and development seriously with professionalism to be breeders of the royal breed. We grow puppies with lots of love, warmth, care and attention is always under constant control of dog handlers, veterinarians.
We are looking for good quality people who love animals and would be happy to raise a puppy.
Let our puppy will bring happiness into your home, heat, light,
and give you joy, love, optimism and success!
Let baby grow beautiful and healthy,
what would you proud of them and he helped you fulfill your desires!
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