Constantly on sale puppies mini, standart class show prospect.
Selection of puppy made under the personal needs of the client:
1. Description of the dog (the structure of the head, body).
2. Class Dog (show class breed class, pet class).
3. The color of the dog.
4. The weight of the dog.
5. Age.
6. Price.
7. Terms of delivery.
Details (of a puppy, wholesale, consulting, as well as to order a puppy)
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Buy Yorkshire Terrier elite class - standart, mini, super mini can be in our nursery. We predctavlyaem you exclusive puppies Yorkshire terrier puppies with good health, excellent character, with excellent pedigree, at the base of which only the best representatives of the breed champions and interchampions - the representatives of France, Italy, Canada, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and other countries.

Our goal is to find a good family for each of the puppies.
They are grown in love, care and cleanliness. Playful, healthy, cheerful, temperamental, cleanliness puppies with a good appetite. Yorkshire Terriers are very good-natured, friendly, intelligent, sensitive dogs that do not cause allergies nikah.
Sales of nursery kids most exclusive Yorkshire Terrier puppies are very small in size, the most popular and the most miniature dog in the world (super mini - 1 adult weight - 1.3 kg.). You can buy not only in miniature York, but also gorgeous representatives of the breed Yorkshire Terrier puppies show - class, promising show career (mini - adult weight of 1.3 - 1.9 kg.) And vip show class (standard mini - 2 adult weight - 2.4 kg.) and are suitable for breeding, and for exhibitions. We also offer the opportunity to purchase a beautiful, healthy puppies by all standards kennels world pitomntsev (standard - adult weight of 2.5 to 3.2 kg) that the best way suitable for breeding and world-class exhibitions.

And do not forget! - You get a true, pure-bred, very beautiful chetyrelapogo friend!

Always on sale exclusive puppies York chic with pedigrees, in the genetic basis of which champions and interchampions many countries.
Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkshire terrier) nursery are representatives of the best kennels of the world:
         - England - yorkshire terrier kennel "OZMILION"
         - Canada - yorkshire terrier kennel "DURRER'S"
         - Russia - yorkshire terrier kennel "MINI SHOP"
         - France - yorkshire terrier kennel "DU DOMAINE DE MONDERLAY"
         - Italy - yorkshire terrier kennel "QOCCLE'S"
         - Czech Republic - yorkshire terrier kennel "STRIBRNE PRANI"
Ready for sale exclusive litter mini and mini-class standard
with a great show prospects.

Puppies only show class (alleged adult weight of about 1.5-1.8 kg and 2-2.4 kg)
With a complete set of documents of international and Ukrainian.

Parents of puppies titled mini-class exhibition, young, first litter.
Grandparents, grandparents - champions, multi champions
interchampions many countries of the world and the best representatives of the world's known
yorkshire terriers nurseries.
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