Features care Yorkshire Terrier
Morning York begins with eyewash. This should be done with a cotton swab boiled water or decoction of chamomile, you can use a special liquid or not freshly brewed strong tea. At the slightest suppuration of the eye or nasal discharge should consult your doctor.

Every 1-2 weeks
should remove the excess hair between the toes and pads and nails cut with special tweezers (suitable for cats and birds), but be careful, because the pulp in York situated very close. Fur trimmed around the legs in a circle, giving it a form of "cat's paw". Third eye should always be well vystrizhena and resemble an inverted «V». In addition to haircuts hair on the ears and legs, it is removed in the anus and genitals.

Dog wash is recommended 2-3 times a month. Show dogs are bathed every week. Do not forget to clean after washing the dogs ears, and you can use lotion to clean the ears. Good to drip 1-2 drops of special liquid, gently massage the base of the ear and then gently introduce dry clean ear stick, slightly rotate. If the ear discharge is dark brown in color, have an unpleasant odor, you should use special medicated drops, but it is better to pick them up on the advice of a doctor.

To keep the dog healthy teeth, brush them with a special toothpaste twice a week. This should be done with a toothbrush with very soft bristles. Can be cleaned with gauze wrapped around the finger. Prevent gum disease and premature tooth loss easier than to treat them. Tartar and inflamed gums cause suffering to your pet, but also cause halitosis.
Change teeth York takes place in 4-6 months. If some baby teeth will not fall to 7-8, they should be removed, as it can be broken formation bite. During the period of the change of teeth is possible that will fall ushki- one or both. Nothing wrong with that, ie. After the change of teeth to snap tabs.

                                                                                  Grooming Yorkshire terrier.

Yorkshire, not participating in exhibitions or end his career, you can use a haircut. You can take advantage of already existing models or come up with your own. The most common haircut - this summer. Body shorn under the machine, causing the dog to touch seems velvet. From the elbow joint are left pants that looks very elegant. Head should be given a round shape. This haircut is not only very cute looks, but also practical. Wanting to keep the pet in a sufficiently long hair, you can just cut your hair a few inches, so it does not interfere with free movement.

If you have a dream to participate in exhibitions and win enough to buy a dog show class, it must be properly raise and educate, except for regular treatments for hair, you will need taming exhibition, which also needs to start at an early puppyhood. In order not to spoil the dog (which is very easy to do), the advice is better to turn to a professional handler.

It does not matter is a dog exhibition copies or pet - with proper care, your work will not be in vain, when a small, funny lump grow charming Yorkshire Terrier, causing you and others looks of admiration.

                                                                    PREPARING FOR THE EXHIBITION OF WOOL

Exhibition grooming - a job that will require a lot of time and should not be done in a hurry. Months of hair growth can be lost if the curlers are located correctly or tightened too much, or if the curlers on the muzzle unwind or get wet and dog chews his coat, thus causing damage and damage to the length and the beauty of it. Another danger - fleas, as they will make your dog scratching and scratching his hair. Timely check the dog's skin. On its hind legs should be worn socks, the dog scratching at not spoil the hair.

Put the dog on the table. Start scratching with a massage brush. If you find a matted coat, slightly moisten the hair solution for easy combing. Carefully disassemble the hands tangles, then start sweeping brush. When there are no more tangled hair, comb hair portion of the metal comb. Comb should easily pass across the fur from the neck to the tail.
Wrap on curlers

It is very important to grow long hair for a good show. Regular oiling wool should be conducted with a small age. The oil should lightly lie on the wool, but do not soak up the skin. Use the oil has no negative effect on the skin and hair of your dog.

Wrap hair on curlers begin 6-9 months. Teach your puppy to it gradually, starting with 1-2 pieces on the head and tail. Gradually increase the amount papilotok, but make sure that the puppy does not rub against the furniture. To protect the hair from breaking of the cross section and must be worn on the dog easy unitard. It must be sewn from silk. Under other material wool is easily confused.

The dog can wear curlers 2-3 days, they need to be periodically checked, weakened twist, change soiled paper, grease wool

     If yorkshire terrier does not participate in exhibitions, it is usually sheared. For this breed invented a lot of elegant hairstyles! Competition dogs keep their long hair, which is in between exhibitions treated with a special oil and twist in curlers. To hair is not falling on its face it on top of the tie in the top knot - in a ponytail small rubber bands. With bows they look charming and cute. These little ones can be moved endlessly. They can be worn on the hands or take with you in a bag-carrying and protruding snout will cause everyone's attention and excitement, because pretty friendly expression is very common for these kids. They are extremely friendly, fast friendships with people and other dogs. His master they always faithful and devoted his great sense of humor. They are very attentive listeners. They can talk endlessly, and they will have to listen carefully. Yorkies have a positive effect on the psyche, it is noted by many psychologists.
                           GENERAL HYGIENE MEASURES AND MAINTENANCE the coat dog - Grooming (GROOMING)

Since all procedures grooming is a phenomenon unnatural for a dog, it is desirable from the first days of visiting your home a puppy to get used to them. Suppose that in this period, they will wear more symbolic, it is recommended even just mimic some movements and gestures in order to get used to kid him. He has to get used to your hands, to tools that will be needed later to create his hairstyle (trimming).

For more details about hygiene procedures

  1. Eye Care.

     The great thing about this sobake- her eyes. Eyes must be clean and healthy. If in the morning your dog appear discharge from the eyes, it should be alerted. Suppuration of eyes and other catarrhal discharges in puppies and young sobak- often the first symptoms of the disease distemper. Sometimes eye vydeleniya- a manifestation of allergic reaction of the body of a dog or a sign of the presence of worms. It is important not to miss an acute inflammation of the eye or corneal opacity. In acute inflammation of the eyes semi-closed and constantly tears. Causes of inflammation varied: from mechanical irritation ordinary dust before infection with viruses and cocci. In this case, you should contact your veterinarian.

     Prior to the visit to the vet, you can alleviate the condition of the dog multiple eyewash aqueous solution of boric acid, burying any human eye drops disinfectant. Flush follows from the outer corner to the nose. Require special care of the dog with bulging eyes and a short nose, especially if they are holders of long hair falling on its face (in this case, Yorkshire Terrier). It is best to do the following procedure to remove the hair as much as possible from the area around the eyes with a soft toothbrush with natural bristles to clean boric acid powder all folds, then comb to remove when cleaning out the resulting pasty mixture.

The most important is to prevent the formation of mats over the eyes and around them, especially if your dog has a decreasing eye bangs.

2. Caring for the ears.

Once a week is recommended to do the ears. The first thing to pull out the hair within the ear canal (this is done with tweezers or finger pretreated with their misinformation. Solution)

The ears can also be cleaned with a cotton swab.

3. Caring for your teeth and gums.

Prevent gum disease is easier than curing them. The most common cause is inflammation of tartar. Remove tartar necessary, he brings a dog suffering and is often the cause of bad breath. Better if the tartar is removed veterinarian.

Proven prophylactic treatment of gum disease is gums vmassirovanie in a mixture of ordinary baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice once a week. As well affects propolis gums.

4. Care of the paws and claws.

Periodic inspection of the paws, claws and interdigital spaces should be carried out regularly. To facilitate care paws fur trim around the legs need. Regularly vystrigaya hair between the toes, foot pads and combing the hair on the legs with special comb, you also prevent the appearance of tangles. After exploring periodically need to wash the dog paw pads and lubricate any fat to prevent cracking. If the cracks have already appeared, they should be lubricated propolis tincture. Once in 7 to 10 days is necessary to examine the claws in time to trim them. Otherwise, they can break, causing the dog pain and inconvenience. Each claw has blood vessels and nerves, so it is necessary to cut the claw below the living part, preferably every time in the same place. In this case, the living part postponed in depth, which, in turn, will provide the dog freedom of movement. Mow claws should be special pedicure nippers. After trimming the claws should treat them sawing.

5. Wash the dog.

Wash the dog depends on the characteristics of the breed, type of coat and the individual characteristics of each dog. Dogs with undercoat wash frequently. In long-haired dogs should untangle mats before bathing. The preferred dog wash bath, wherein the water should be only limb. Shampoo must comply with the coat of your dog. Using balm also depends on the individual characteristics of the breed and the condition of the coat. Rinse off the shampoo you need as carefully as possible. After the wash, wipe clean hair with a towel. While the dog is dry, it is better to constantly combing the individual sections, directing a jet of warm air from the dryer. Bathe your dog is best in the evening, after a walk to avoid colds. While washing is very convenient to inspect anal glands, which are located on both sides of the anus. The secret contained in them, quite thick, it should be cleaned. After each bathing dogs shedding light occurs that is more pronounced in dogs with undercoat. It is necessary to consider if you plan to participate in a dog show.
Grooming your pet is fairly simple, but quite another thing - show dog.
Festive attire, wealth wool, its length, fine silky hair pouring severity direct demand from the owner of a lot of effort and patience.
    From the hands of an experienced breeder you got a puppy, already accustomed to the daily combing wool.
    Keep doing this, showing particularly sensitive in handling mustache, beard and feet. Take care that during the game, your hilarious and fun kid does not hurt his hair, mustache and beard especially (because of their difficult and time to grow).
    Do not let him rub the muzzle of furniture, carpets, rolling on the floor, and so on. N. The classes if the puppy is not accustomed to Trimming table is better to start in her lap, and then transfer all treatments for hair on the table.
    Leave an adult dog, and even more about puppy-stand on the table can not be categorically. Famous, handsome, Multichampion, World Champion Hooligan de Pengibyur killed in a fall from the table.
    Teach your dog to the fact that it should stand still strapped to the bracket on the leash. You have in this case remain free both hands, which is essential when working.
    As soon as the puppy grows hair, begin to use curlers to help her maintain and grow. For manufac papilotok use of tissue paper of high quality.
    First curler is placed on the head in the center of the forehead and fix a small elastic band, which in any case should not pull or pull the hair and skin. Otherwise, the animal starts to rub about everything and try to disrupt the curlers. Alas ... very often with scraps of wool.
    By the age of 9-10 months can begin to wrap hair on the body. Papilotok length must match the length coat. The average size is approximately equal to a folded typewritten sheet.
    Typically, mustache and beard are beginning to wind with 10-11 months of age or later. Be careful when collecting wool mustache and grab the hair from the lower jaw, otherwise the dog will not be able to open your mouth and normally is.
    If mustache still short, do not rush to collect them in curlers, since you probably spoil wool. Please be patient.
    When the tail cheat follow in order to collect the wool did not close the anus and in any case gum should not drag myself tail, only wool. Then you start to wind the hair on the hips, waist, back, etc. Curlers on the dog's body are arranged symmetrically on the proposed scheme....
Shampoos for exhibition Yorkie should be particularly high quality and special for dogs with long silky hair. On ordinary days, enough to double wash the dog with a moisturizing shampoo plus wool processing special moisturizing conditioner or balm-conditioner. Well washed wool "crunches" under the fingers. But remember, wool York is not very strong, it should be easily and gently wet the two terry towels. Then, in order to avoid entanglement wool disassemble it into strands, comb rare comb and make the parting. Now it is possible to dry. Strongly avoid using too much hot air, which breaks down the hair, and too strong jet that it sputyvet. For all manipulations with hair brush professional use. Drying hair begins with paws, then gradually climb up to the middle of the back. Other groomer advised to dry hair in the direction of York parting down, carefully combing brush the entire length of the hair, pulling it beautifully.
When the dog is completely dry, you do again parted, but now very carefully and beautifully so that the hair flows down evenly on both sides of the torso. It is better to use the comb, one end of which is a brief view of a knitting needle. Now shiny silky hair falls slightly lying on the table surface.
  Ton-notes on the head collected by tiny elastic rezinochek. You can do different hairstyles, but not pulling tight wool - and do not tighten it back. On the contrary, emphasize stop hair bow and pin. Practice with hairstyles in advance, rather than on the day of the show.

The young dog one side of the board may be shorter than the other, as on this side of the dog prefers to sleep. When otrastet dress, make sure that its length does not interfere with the movement of the dog in the ring, especially on grass. Accordingly, shorten it. Better to do it with the assistant.
  One person sees to it that the dog was standing in front of the exhibition on the stand, and the other equates wool, but she went down to the edge of the stand. Then the ring coat nice and exactly lie on the sides of the torso. Wool alignment start from the front part of the body towards the rear, first one side and then the other.
After that, turn the dog to his tail, look at it from a distance and trim the hair on the back. Proceed with leveling coat front. After the wool lined around the perimeter of the dress, go to the beard and mustache, following the same principle of symmetry. After that, proceed to the processing of wool on the feet.
Lift the hair growing on the forearm (metatarsal) and trim the hair on the leg, giving it a round, cat form. Then lower the hair from legs and trim the way that all lines were smooth and clean. Wool York is growing constantly, so it needs to be trimmed regularly. Of course, equivalent to her for a few days before the show, including the hair on the paws and ears. All manipulations were carried out on a clean, dried hair.
More dangerous are not only too strapped gum, but it can be fleas that cause the dog to bite and scratch themselves, leading wool in improper condition, as well as eczema, the main reasons which may be incorrect feeding, bathing, choice of shampoos and oils, anal blockage and other glands.

Remember !!! All luxury silk dress that demonstrate the best representatives of the breed, not only due to genetically inherited, but a titanic work of their respective owners. It is necessary at least for a short time to neglect the rules of care and all your work will come to nothing.
                                                                                      Scheme winding papilotok

Regularly - the frequency depends on the type and quality of your hair York, remove all curlers and carefully combed the entire coat. Quite difficult to grow a beard and mustache, so here curlers have to change more often, almost every day.
    If you stay with the replacement papilotok, then formed balls, mats of hair cut short, and the dress will be hopelessly flawed. After hair curlers in the completely packed, a dog wearing light overalls, which in turn protects it from damage. Its shape and size should not hamper movement and allow the animal to freely jump, play and run; Clasp have to be on his chest.
     After each winding watch a few minutes the dog. However, there is cunning, that will never rub and remove curlers with you, but happy all this is done on the sly. Be vigilant.
    Yorkies have amazing character: most of them are willing to accept brushing, haircuts, wearing papilotok, overalls, etc., as an exciting game. However, to teach a dog to all this it is necessary to gradually fun and gently talking to her constantly endorsing and encouraging tidbits.
    Landscaped York delicious - let them know it's your dog. Yorkshire Terriers unusually susceptible to praise.
Screw curlers on a well-dried and washed wool hairdryer. Before winding wool carefully treated with one of the special oils: olive, almond, mink and others. We would not recommend oil for children, as many dogs it provokes the appearance of abundant dandruff.
    The oil can be applied from a spray or a very soft brush made of natural hair and then comb the well so that it is uniformly distributed over the hair. It's hard not to impregnate wool, it is better to apply it more often than too liberally oiled, says Osman Shemaiah. Too rare swimming leads to a loss of wool.
       Long before the show at the exhibition, ranging from 5 months of age, Yorkshire Terrier is necessary to select the most suitable for his oils and shampoos. There can be no definitive advice, and each owner must itself determine the best option for each of their dogs. Employment wool should not be any agony for the owner nor dogs. Caring for wool York, encourage it, talk about what it was beautiful, intelligent, delightful, well, very, very ... york in the world! Experienced dog owners themselves rushing to jump on your desktop waiting for lots of fun. Do not forget to wear socks hind legs, as if scratching the dog will tear hair claws.
    Exhibition York usually washed every week. Soap when bathing your dog should be very gently in one direction, not to be confused and do not tear the hair.
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