Tips for Choosing PUPPY
Let's talk about the classification of dogs. They can be a dog show class (show-class), breed class (breed-class), the class pet (pet - class). Now focus on the description of each category in more detail.
Dog show class (show-class) has very specific requirements, as it implies a certain perspective the exhibition, the so-called show-career. When buying a puppy from the age of 3 months to ensure its show career is difficult, we can only estimate its potential, so it is desirable to show a little older to buy a puppy.

1. The nature and temperament.
The dog must be brave, "kurazhnee" have the ability to show off in the ring, to enjoy the exhibition and all that is happening on it. It is distinguished by the ability in any situation to keep my head held high and tail. This dog gets pleasure from the show, loves to win, to show himself in the ring. Puppies assigned to this class, have outstanding exterior qualities, kurazhnee and have no disqualifying fault. Will it be the star of the rings depends on you - training the dog to the show is great work. Additional games with children or animals it will only benefit.

2. Color.
Show dogs need to have a certain color of the coat. Yorkshire Terrier for this body color dark steel and gold head. In puppyhood identify future shades quite difficult, so to paint an adult dog breeder can tell. Gradation of color is very large: the head - from light gold (close to the sand-colored) to rich golden reddish-brown color (close to brown), the body of light in silver (the so-called "blue") to dark steel (as raven - dark blue-gray).

  3. Exterior.
Class show-dog is a dog without flaws, there is a value structure of the head, the body, the length of the neck, tail set, weight inherent in the breed, sex, age and type. Typically European and world champions weigh about 3 kg.

4. Right-free, courageous and gentle movements.
Puppy show class requires additional preparation for the exhibition karere- this particular grooming, additional training.

     Dog breed class (breed-class) pedigree, has no disqualifying defects and apparent significant deficiencies, it can participate in exhibitions, but is unlikely to qualify for prizes at major shows, but along with it can still receive a positive evaluation. Belonging to the dog and the show and to breed class is not decisive for the mandatory use in breeding, but only determines its potential, but most dog breed class is still used for breeding.
     If we talk about the coat color of these dogs, the lighter color of the case at the exhibition will play a darker, although visually the so-called "blue" color of a silver spoon looks very impressive and it is not a marriage. There are so many other nuances that prevent obtaining title. For example, the length of the ear, just below the tail set, lack of temperament (the exhibition dog in the ring, while in itself is not familiar to the stressful situation, not raised tail or did not want to move), weight (up to 2.5 kg dog is very difficult to show the beauty and long hair, loose, flying, beautiful movement). Small flaws can be very much, but they are not an obstacle for breeding, of course, are not reflected in the love of the owners, health, appearance and beauty.

Dogs pet class (pet - class) - a pet is not suitable for show and breeding. These dogs correspond to the breed characteristics, but no interest in breeding. These include puppies that do not have a disqualifying fault, but having some significant disadvantages (weight a little more than 3.1 kg, or malocclusion, marriage in color). Also belong to this class puppies with eliminating faults (plembrak). Dogs of this group should not be used in breeding work and can not be exhibited at trade shows. It should be noted that the drawbacks of pet dog class has no effect on health, beauty, nature and the psyche of the dog. With so her short, beautiful, doll-faced dog may have a malocclusion. Outwardly, it looks very simpotichno and, as mentioned above, the health of the puppy is not reflected.
Yorkshire Terrier young breed, bred in Yorkshire in the late 19th century - refers to the smallest terriers (his weight up to 3.2 kg.)
     This dog is very compact, with a proud and majestic bearing. Her hair, parted in the middle split from tip of nose to tip of tail, sloping sides perfectly straight and smooth glossy, soft, silky mass. A source of pride of this breed is the length of the hair, which should exceed the height at the withers, and if the dog is put on a horizontal surface, the hair must slightly drag on it.
     Especially prized color of the dog. He must fully comply with, any deviation from which is considered a disqualifying fault. Bluish gray color Cheprak from occiput to base of tail should be clean and uniform, without any admixture of other colors. The head should be bright golden-fawn whether bronzovo- brown color should clearly come to an end on the occiput, without going into the neck.
When choosing a dog, you must understand that you do not just bring an animal into the house, and taking a new member of the family, which in any case will love, raise and care for him. The first is to determine the purpose of the dog, for what purpose you need it. Depend on the requirements to be met by your dog: the possession of a certain type of character and temperament, color, anatomical structure (eg, exterior, expressed as proportions, harmonious forms and features of addition), musculoskeletal system, which determines the quality and nature of the movement of the dog. To do this, there is a certain classification, we invite you to consider in detail.
Puppies of this breed are born black, aged 3 to 5 months on their feet breaks Fawn and black hair on the back of changes to the desired bluish steel sometimes only to the year t. E when the "baby" hair finally changed to "adult" . If your plans include performances in competitions and participation in exhibitions, before buying a puppy, consult with an expert or by the breeder, they will give you advice on choosing a dog that has grown out of your puppy dog charming, fully complying with the requirements of the standard.

        Standard FCI.

Coat. The hair on the entire body should be moderately long, perfectly straight, glossy, soft, silky. On golove- long restroom hair tail thickly covered with hair.

Color. The whole upper part tulovischa- from occiput to base hvosta- covered Cheprakov of dark bluish steel wool, without any admixture of pale, light brown, bronze or black hair. Profuse coat on of breast saturated, shiny, golden-yellow or brown bronzovo-. Each hair is to be darker at the root than at the middle, and further brighten the ends. Feather color bright gold-yellow or brown bronzovo-, especially busy on the face and around the ears. Ears covered with hair clean and juicy golden-red color. The hair on the tail of a darker shade than on the trunk.
                                     Features breed Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkshire terrier) - decorative dog breed, wherein a lively character, good humor and bright temperament.
This - rock kind, affectionate, loyal and devoted.

Miniature and cute they weigh less than 3 pounds and most of all love to frolic. They love attention and pay the owner of infinite devotion.

It is impossible to remain indifferent to these lovely creatures. They are designed to pamper them, but at the same time they are - still real terriers, although very small, but have all the qualities of large terriers and just like all terriers have a stubborn nature. You probably will smile temperamental disposition of your pet. Yorkshire Terrier for many years, is a breed of extremely popular around the world and often York in the family - is the epitome of family well-being, success and prosperity of the family. Yorkshire Terriers hold many celebrities and movie stars, politicians. Usually buying one though York owners buy another make the dog had fun together, Troy because these dogs quite burdensome and chat with them a real pleasure. It Yorkshire Terrier, compared with other breeds of dogs, is a leader in the combination of those qualities that allow home or contain one dog of this breed, and only get the pleasure of communicating with the dog throughout its life and never regret about the decision to have arisen dog in urban usloviyah.Odnim of the main advantages of breed is the complete lack of molting and specific "dog" smell. York - so chistoploten neobremenitelen and that problems associated with the maintenance of the dog in the apartment does not arise: Net of wool carpets and upholstered furniture; no need to think about stocks a large number of dog food in the proc; and not have to worry about the lack of time for walking and dog walking on the street.

And in one case or another dog will complement the image of the owner, as these dogs attract the attention of others with their beauty. Yorkies are easy to train, and go to the contact, and with interest participate in any games, they are mobile, bouncy and very nimble.

York has the intelligence, very quickly find the right approach to all family members and become indispensable to each other, a friend who sincerely and faithfully will love you in moments of joy and in moments of life's difficulties, and his whole being will try to brighten them. And almost always families that live next Yorkshire terriers dog just buy York, t.k.hozyaeva so attached to this breed that York becomes the guardian of the family - a talisman, representing the kindest recollections and emotions, and is replaced by families for generations Yorkshire .

Each Yorkshire terrier can be a purely personal character and attitude to the owners, strangers and other animals. Most Kobelkov this breed as a puppy quite pugnacious, extremely active, also possess a rare quality for decorative dogs - they jealously defend their territory against any external intrusion.
Representatives of the opposite sex is, on the contrary, very gentle, very first days of tightly bound to the new owner and he is constantly looking for protection from anyone whatsoever. Sometimes the behavior of breed Yorkshire terrier and are a kind of anomaly - a girl can furiously rush to everyone he met, and the boy hiding under the bed at the slightest sign of danger.
Regardless of the character traits, experts recommend to raise Yorkies on the same circuit. This breed is very intelligent and all the flaws in the behavior that occurred as a puppy, you can eventually completely correct.
Advantages of the breed Yorkshire terrier,
distinguishing them from other breeds of dogs:

1.Nebolshie size and weight allow dogs contain even in small apartments, and even in the same room. And for the proper cultivation of the puppy only a small amount of dry complete feed 50 a day for an adult dog is not more than 50 - 80g depending on the weight of the dog or feed usual self homemade rations in the amount of 1 tablespoon per 1 kg of dog's weight-per-feeding .

2. Hygiene and cleanliness of the breed: the structure of wool adult York has no undercoat, Yorkies do not shed - this is due to the fact that wool is more similar to the structure of a human hair and the hair grows from a bulb in length throughout life. Only sometimes up to 6-9 months in some individuals with thick hair puppy, sometimes combing thick brush comes schёsyvanie puppy down and after a few combing - will never be the decidua wool, and hence pure will: house, carpet, sofas. And there is no threat of allergy - the accumulation of allergy in the dog's owner and other family members to molt pet and allocated, on Wednesday, the waste products of the dog.

3. Yorkie easily accustomed to walk on a special diaper or in a special tray. Opportunity to accustom the dog to do everything "their affairs" right at home in specially designated areas, will deliver a host of regular early morning walks and nervousness from - that do not have time to go back in time to the work that would bring a pet. Dog solves its problems itself and can stay home alone for a long time.

4. One of the main advantages of the breed is well-deserved recognition of rock around the world as the most cleanly, it allows you to take a dog with no restrictions, for example on vacation and not be afraid that there will be problems with accommodation in hotels. Miniature size will carry York directly into the cabin, or in a train, almost without restrictions and problems. It is thanks to these qualities - so highly valued York.

Yorkshire Terrier Throughout the existence of the breed is one of the most expensive and sought-after species in the world, beautiful, well-kept, adult breeding York estimated several thousand dollars and not always an expression of the amount of money equivalent acceptable when evaluating a dog, Yorkies are often higher than this estimate and are proud of their owners.
                                               Signs of a healthy and high-quality puppy Yorkshire Terrier:

- Puppy York should have the pedigree, it contains the date of birth, parents, nursery, where you intend to buy baby. If the litter was activated at the club, then Yorkshire terrier puppies meet the breed standard;
international veterinary certificate - binding document when buying a puppy York, it specifies the date and name of vaccinations;
- Before you buy a Yorkshire Terrier note the age of the puppy sold. The breeder should make all the necessary vaccines puppy York and sustain the incubation period, therefore, earlier than 2.5 months puppy does not have to acquire new owners;
- Try to buy a Yorkshire terrier in the nursery, and not on the market because the market can infest many infections agents;
- Price Yorkshire terrier puppy depends on the quality, the quality of his parents, the quality of his ancestors, care, feeding, housing, exhibition of achievements;
- The majority of potential buyers and fans want to buy Yorkie puppy with her short muzzle baby - face, very small sizes (extra - mini, mini), with an estimated adult weight of 1.3 - 1.5 kg, but these kids unity not only in Ukraine, but also in the leading nurseries of the world: France, Italy, Canada, UK, Czech Republic.
- A healthy puppy York should have a healthy appearance, excellent appetite, have mobility, an activity not have wounds and scars. If a puppy is observed rashes, wounds, and they itch - is the first sign that the dog is not well. Some puppies Yorkshire terrier can be observed dandruff.
- Qualitative York must have the correct structure of wool: silk gloss, straight (not puhlyavuyu), correct color; correct anatomy, the right proportions, correspond to the breed standard, does not exceed the weight of 3.5 kg;
dog weighing 5 kg, 6 kg and 7 kg, 8 kg, it is difficult to name Yorkshire Terrier!...
Hindquarters Yorkshire Terrier
Hind legs should be straight and parallel to each other, with strong bones and strong muscles developed, paw round, nails black, back straight, traffic-free.
The figure shows the possible options for setting hind limbs of Yorkshire Terrier:
a) a correct statement of the extremities;
b) X - shaped staging limbs;
c) O - shaped setting of the limbs.
Nose Yorkshire Terrier:
Nose should be moist, black and cold. After sleeping it warm.

Teeth, bite Yorkshire Terrier:

Each jaw should be 6 and two incisors canines pink gum. Correct bite - scissors, ie upper teeth closely overlapping lower for. The teeth are arranged in the jaws, jaw smooth. Overshot and undershot - marriage (disqualifying feature).
The figure shows the options occlusion in dogs: a) undershot (photo); g) snack (photo).
Yorkshire terrier ears:

York ears should be small, V-shaped, always erect.
Size of ears and Yorkshire Terrier:
The figure versions of ears at the Yorkshire terrier, as well as their size.
Wrong hocks and the size of the ears York:
- Semi - erect ears;
- Hanging ears;
- Hung ears;
- Very big ears (neproportsyonalnye head size).

The correct size of the ears and hocks Yorkshire Terrier:
Ears York must have V - shaped hocks and be small (proportional to the size of the head).
Head Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire terrier head should be small, not a long snout.
Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows the correct shape of the head according to the Yorkshire Terrier breed standard. Skull surface must be flat.
Muzzle Yorkshire terrier should be at an angle of 90 degrees to the head.
Figure 3 shows the shortened muzzle Yorkshire Terrier - BABY Face (breed standard does not provide).
Figure 4 shows the irregular shape of the head and lowered the muzzle.
Spin Yorkshire Terrier
Spin Yorkshire terrier should be flat - straight, short and strong.
The downside is a convex back, sagging or humped.
The figure provided options for the back line in dogs:
Tail Yorkshire Terrier
should be set high and covered with long hair, the dog should keep it above the back line.

Color in the coat Yorkshire terrier
has one standard version: from the neck to base of tail hair color should be dark steel wool on the head and chest should be golden or red color.
Yorkshire Terrier. STANDARD FCI.
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